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Celebrating all of the people who have their life back thanks to M. Allana McKinnon and My Celiac Solution.

"I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease (autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid)

2 ½ years ago. My symptoms were severe and I was told by doctors that I needed to have surgery to remove my thyroid.  I wasn’t willing to settle for this option and sought another opinion from Allana.  With her patient-centered care, today I am nearly free of all symptoms and still have my very important thyroid gland!  I am forever grateful to her."


 "Allana has been such a wonderful mentor to me; talking to me every week and answering all of my questions. She has taught me so much about how to take care of myself and opened my eyes to how important everything that goes into our bodies is. She has inspired me to read more, cook more, and continue learning about ways to improve my life. Today, I still have IBS, but now I'm at a point where the days I don't have symptoms outnumber the days I do. I am looking forward to taking what I have learned from Allana into my future and sharing it with my family and friends, which can be as simple as making a healthy and nutritious meal."


"Allana, you are my hero! Your understanding has allowed me to wake up feeling good, refreshed and able to do a very productive day, not ever need to rest. My life has returned. Allana, one day you will be on Oprah and reaching the millions of sick folks who are being given advice that is opposite of health."

/// FRANK C.

I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and had started the "western" treatment.  Within a short time, additional complications with the biologic drugs began to appear.  After 1.5 years of doctors and tests, I felt that I was at a medical dead end and I had to do something dramatically different.

I was in pain constantly due to my autoimmune disease.  I could not sleep at night, I could not function during the day and I was constantly on heavy doses of drugs to counteract other drugs.  I had extreme difficulty playing with my kids and enjoying the activities I love doing.  I was missing out on life.

I already started making some major dietary changes before working with Allana, but she was able to help me fine tune my diet.  Within weeks I started losing weight, sleeping better and being more mentally clear.  Pain reduced dramatically and I have been able to be more active.

I have lost over 30 lbs which is nice, but it was not my primary goal.  Losing extra pounds has led to a better attitude, better activity level, and better mental clarity.  I also had some dry skin patches clear up which I had no idea or suspicion were autoimmune related.


Image by Kelly Sikkema

/// ANNE F.

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