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Find the root cause.
Reverse your Celiac Disease.
Get your life back!
I eat 100% gluten free. I thought that would heal me. Why am I still sick?
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It is estimated 20-30% of Celiacs will continue to have inflammation, immune stimulation, and gut permeability (leaky gut) 1 year after adopting the gluten-free diet. That means 1 in 5 Celiacs on a gluten-free diet still feel sick and still have high autoimmune markers! 


Unfortunately, most doctors aren't aware this phenomenon exists. When you go to your doctor looking for answers, often, they just think you are cheating on your gluten-free diet. Or, your doctor will want to put you on a steroid medication or other biologic, suppressing your immune system and paving the way for continued symptoms and drug side-effects.

I wish I knew this information 14 years ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It would have saved me from years of exhaustion, hypothyroidism, joint pain, poor sleep, gas, bloating, nutrient deficiencies, brain fog and missing out on enjoying my kids and my life! 

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By combining detailed health history with Functional lab tests, I seek the underlying cause of your continued gut damage and symptoms. I ask what triggered your immune system, in the first place, and caused the initial gut damage and autoimmune attack?
I look into digestion, food sensitivities and gluten cross-reactivities, infections, metabolism, the immune system, detoxification, hormone balance, and the nervous system to find out why your immune system is still activated and why your gut won't heal, causing inflammation.
Many times, I find an infection such as a virus, parasite, bacteria or yeast that has triggered your immune system to attack self tissue and damaged your gut.
I customize your health plan with a focus on pathogen eradication, gut health, nutrition, rest, movement, stress reduction, supplementation and life enrichment to truly heal your body, correct your immune system and bring you back to health.
What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®?
How does this work?

As a health coach, I do not diagnose or treat any specific disease, rather I view your body as perfectly interconnected. When any one area, system, or organ in the body becomes imbalanced, there is a chain reaction causing other areas to become imbalanced. This imbalance causes symptoms and ill-health. Together, we create a partnership as health detectives and work to find and remove triggers, or stressors, so your body's innate healing ability can take over.

After gathering your detailed health history and main complaints, I order specific lab tests ranging from adrenal function, hormone balance, pathogens, gut permeability (leaky gut), food sensitivities/gluten-cross reactive foods, to inflammatory markers, depending on your unique needs.

From these lab results and correlation with your symptoms, we devise an individualized, comprehensive health plan focusing on supporting your body systems, detox, pathogen eradication, gut health, nutrition, rest, movement, stress reduction, supplementation and life enrichment.


Given the chance, your body will heal.


All consultations are conducted in the privacy of your own home over the phone or Zoom video platform.

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